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1.25x Lighted Magnifier
1.25x Lighted Magnifier

1.25x Lighted Magnifier

Price: $73.98
In Stock
Part Number:LMP-100.20
  • Magnification:1.25x
  • Style:Desktop
  • Type:Magnifier
  • Contains:Light
A swing arm 1.25X magnifier with a circular fluorescent lamp that guarantees the user bright, shadowless light with no glare. Lens is 5" diameter and comes with detachable base so that it can easily be mounted to a bench or counter top. Features a telescoping arm which fully extends to 45 inches. 110V plug in style.

Lens diameter: 5"
Magnification: 1.25X

Why do I need this item? Any time you need additional light to work on small projects and need your "hands free", or just to avoid eye strain when working this is a great item.

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