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Ballpein Hammer 4 Oz.
Ballpein Hammer 4 Oz.

Ballpein Hammer 4 Oz.

Price: $4.68
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Part Number:HAM-431.00
  • Length:9 Inches
  • Head Size:2-⅜ x ½ Inch
  • Weight:4 oz.
  • Handle:Wood
  • Type:Ball Pein
This 4 Ounce Ballpein Hammer is made of drop-forged steel mounted on hardwood handles and secured with a metal wedge. Length 8-5/8 weight 4 oz.

* Great for striking chasing tools or flattening
* Made of drop-forged steel, mounted on hardwood handle
* 8-5/8 inches long
* Weighs 4 ounces
* Head is secured on handle with a metal wedge

by Eurotool

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