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Burlap 36 Ring Display Tray

Burlap 36 Ring Display Tray

Price: $3.60
In Stock
Part Number:A2813
  • Size:Standard
  • Color:Burlap
  • Material:Burlap
  • Style:Tray
  • Type:36 Ring
  • _COLOR:Brown
  • _SimpleColor:Brown

A durable, eco-chic, burlap covered jewelry display tray, with matching ring pad.
Tray is 7-1/2" wide and 8-1/4" deep.

This durable, eco-chic jewelry display provide greater contrast and context for your natural jewelry. Great for retail, wholesale, or trade show use, these burlap covered displays are great for displaying natural jewelry, like leather or hemp cord jewelry designs.

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