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Envirotex Jewelry Clay Kit 4oz
Envirotex Jewelry Clay Kit 4oz

Envirotex Jewelry Clay Kit 4oz

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EnviroTex Jewelry Clay is a blend of premium epoxy and clay powders resulting a smooth porcelain like finish that does not shrink when cured. The advanced formula has a 2 hour working time and cures to a hard, impact resistance finish after 48 hours. EnviroTex has a pleasant, fresh citrus scent with excellent adhesive qualities, bonding to most surfaces including glass, metal and wood. EnviroTex Clay can be colored when soft, or painted once cured.

Create unparalleled depth and clarity with EnviroTex Clay. This product cures clear and enhances any surface on which it is applied, creating vivid colors. EnviroTex cures to a soft cure in 12 hours, medium cure in 24 hours and a full hard cure after 48 hours, the resun surface results in an extremely durable, waterproof, heat and chemical resistant surface.

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