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Liver of Sulfur 4oz.
Liver of Sulfur 4oz.

Liver of Sulfur 4oz.

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Part Number:SOL-600.04
Used as the go-to solution for oxidizing silver and other precious metals, the Liver of Sulfur in lump form is easy to mix and apply to the surface of metal materials when working on craft projects. Simply mix the lump form of the Liver of Sulfur with hot water until thoroughly dissolved, and apply it to selected areas, using a cotton swab. The durable finish will produce a black color that can be polished by using a micro-abrasive polishing pad. This container of Liver of Sulfur contains four (4) ounces in an easy-to-store plastic container.

4oz. jar comes in lump form.

Let dry and then polish with POL-695.00.

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