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Necklace Display Stand 14"H White
Necklace Display Stand 14'H White

Necklace Display Stand 14"H White

Price: $2.74
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Part Number:A0805
  • Size:8-5/8"W x 14-1/8"H
  • Color:White
  • Material:Leatherette
  • Style:Neckalce Board with Easel Back
  • Type:Necklace
Tall Necklace Display. Easel Backed.
Size (W x H): 8-5/8" x 14 1/8"
White Leatherette

Jewelry Display Boards are perfect for chains and necklaces. You can display your jewelry on a counter top or in a display case with these popular easel back displays. This white leatherette padded chain board is perfect for a chain or necklace.

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