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Optivisor AL Kit with 4 Lenses
Optivisor AL Kit with 4 Lenses

Optivisor AL Kit with 4 Lenses

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The OptiVISOR is perfect for anyone whose profession or craft requires close accurate work with both hands free.

  • Lightweight lenses and tough materials are designed to last a lifetime.
  • Optical prismatic lenses from precision ground and highly polished molds.
  • Adjustable side pivots allow the visor to tilt at your fingertips.
  • Dial adjustment headband conforms to comfortably fit all head sizes.
  • Genuine leather padded comfort band with orthopedic felt for extra comfort.
OptiVISOR AL Specs No. Focal Length Magnification
  • LX-3 14 Inches, 1.75 times
  • LX-4 10 Inches, 2 times
  • LX-5 8Inches, 2.5 times
  • LX-7 6Inches, 2.75 times

Donegan Optical Products: Quality jewelry magnification products - made in the u.s.a. Owned by professionals throughout the jewelry industry, OptiVISORs and loupes are used for grading and detailing diamonds and gemstones with unmatched performance and quality.

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