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The Magic Finding Crimping Plier
The Magic Finding Crimping Plier

The Magic Finding Crimping Plier

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Part Number:T5903
Use with either a Gold Filled Magic Finding, or Sterling Silver Magic Finding to crimp multiple strand Necklaces or Bracelets into a single unit. Then, add a Gold Filled Omega Insert or Sterling Silver Omega Insert to attach the multiple strand necklace or bracelet to a Clasp. Attaching Clasps to multi strand Stringing Projects is so much easier with the combination of Magic Crimping Pliers and Magic Crimping Findings.

Overall length: 5-1/2"
Jaws: 7/8"


Using the Magic Finding as a Connector

The Magic Finding has 7 holes that can be used to connect many different things to your jewelry designs. Connect things to the Magic Finding by inserting any combinations of the following inserts into the holes of your Magic Finding; beading string, head pins, eye pins, Omega inserts and metal wire.

There are many ways to use the Magic Finding as a connector, use your imagination to come up with new ideas, or take a look at the directions below that demonstrate how the Magic Finding is can be used as a connector.

Using Your Omega Insert to Connect a Clasp to a Beading String

First attach your beading string to your Magic Finding. Then assemble your clasp to an Omega Insert and put the Omega Insert into two opposite holes of your Magic Finding. Then crimp the Magic Finding using The Patented Magic Finding Plier, as per the directions for Crimping the Finding Using the Magic Crimp Forming Pliers.

Using the Magic Finding in an Earring Design

The example at right, shows an earring with 3 strands of "looped" beading string.

Insert a head pin through a bead and then put your head pin through the middle hole of a Magic Finding. Using a pair of round nose pliers take the end of the head pin and make a loop

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