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Files and Burs for Jewelry Making

Files are an essential tool for jewelry making, the best tool will last for years. Needle files are used to finely shave material away from the object. Use the technique of 'draw-filing', holding the file sideways across the work, instead of a more traditional "back and forth" motion. These files can be used for watch repair, jewelry repair, metal fabrication, jewelry making and other craft and hobby tasks.
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5 Piece Diamond File Set
In Stock
Needle File Handle
In Stock
Cut Lube, 2 Ounces
In Stock
12 Piece Round Bur Set
In Stock
12 Piece Round Cup Burs Set
In Stock
12 Piece Hart Cup Burs Set
Out of Stock
12 Piece Hart Bud Burs Set
In Stock
12 Piece Wax/Wood Burs Set
In Stock
Small Round Burs (Set of 12)
In Stock
Needle File Set (12-Pcs)
In Stock