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Adhesives and Glues for Jewelry Making

We carry the strongest and most reliable glues for jewelry making. Two part epoxy forms the strongest bond and is sure to be dependable. Super glue in gel form is a quick and easy way to attach your jewelry elements. UV Glue dries in sunlight and has a precision tip applicator to avoid messes and makes clean up easy.

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Jewelry Shield
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Tool Magic Dip
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Mini E6000 Glue .18oz.
In Stock
E6000 Glue 1oz.
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E6000 Glue 2 oz. Clear
In Stock
E6000 Glue Variety Pack
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G-S Hypo-Tube Cement 1/3oz.
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Zap a Gap Glue
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Gem Tac Glue
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Elfy Super Glue
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Super 'New' Glue
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5 Minute Two-Part Epoxy
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BeadFix Two Part Epoxy
In Stock
Beacon 527 Multi-Purpose Glue
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Beadfix Glue (.35 oz)
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Flip Flop Glue
Out of Stock
Multi-Purpose Ultra Seal 4oz.
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Extra tip for UV Glue
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Hotfix Applicator Wand
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